About Us

Some information to give you an insight into our company.

Prestige Ponds have built their reputation up over the years on being passionate about all we do, we have good old-fashioned down to earth values and this is what has helped us in over 40 years and why we are still around. We treat customers in how we would want treated ourselves. We have been in the aquatic industry for over 40 years and there is nothing that we have not came across or fixed during this time. We follow other so called "pond experts" around, and on occasions when out paths cross, tell them to STOP building ponds and giving the wrong advice to customers. It is of our opinion that any business is only as good as their afters-sales service, and we pride ourselves in ours. We are a family run business and we are very passionate about all we do and advice we offer is the correct advice and help to all our customers. By getting the right advice and the correct equipment from the start, will save you money and time in the long run.

How we started:
There is so much conflicting information out there from books and so called "pond experts" which frustrates us and can be very confusing. This is how we started all those years ago, as the founder Ian Hunter initially decided to build a garden pond, he bought various books and gathered information all of which contradicted each other, so in the end you don't know who to take advice from. What we have been doing over the years is help educate customers on how to look after everything, from fish to equipment which we have been told on many occasions it's invaluable.
Prestige Ponds have experienced staff throughout the UK and we are just a phone call away, and together we can help you every step of the way. With our wide spance of experience and knowledge spanning over 40 years. We have overwhelming enquiries day by day of customers that have had the so called "pond expert” round to fix the issue/s and they have made the issue/s worse or just given up because they don’t know what they are doing. Then the customer calls Prestige Pond to come to the rescue.

Our moto - Pay Cheap and you Pay Twice !

For all your aquatic related services Prestige Ponds are your one stop shop to go to. Ponds, Lakes, Aquariums, Wildlife Ponds and Wetlands along with all outdoor garden furniture. Over the years we have worked for thousands of customers from small domestic garden ponds to Councils and Wildlife Trusts around the country, so you know you are always in safe hands.