Water & Plant Management / Care & Testing

Understand this:- You are a water keeper NOT a fish keeper !

Water management & care

This is best carried out on a regular basis. You are a water-keeper NOT a fish keeper, if the water and filtration is working correctly, then your fish will be happy. Disease only occurs when fish become stressed. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us to book an appointment....

Plant management & care

Plants play a big part of any pond, lake, or aquarium and helps keep everything in balance. What you have to be mindful of is plants grow, and sometimes ponds, lakes and aquariums become overgrown, when this happens it can be a mammoth task to reduce. we have the manpower and equipment to the issue resolved. Contact us for details.....

Pond cleaning & repairs

Pond, lake and aquarium cleaning is a big part of our company and we carry out hundreds of various cleaning throughout the year. Also pond and lake repairs are issues in many ponds, Trying to find a leak in a pond by customers, is not always possible and so this is why we are contacted, as we have many years of knowledge and experience in this field and know where the usual leaks are to be found. Contact us for details.