Pond, Lake, Aquarium & Filtration Cleaning & Repairs

If you are experiencing problems with any of the above, please contact us to see how we can help.


Cleaning of any pond, lake, aquarium or water feature we have the manpower and equipment to get it done. Some are easier than others to do, depends on how long it it since it was last cleaned. There are a number of factors to take into account, this is why we have to carry out a site visit to establish exactly what is required. Contact us for more details...


Regular maintenance can reduce repairs, as if they are just left they become bigger. We are able to carry out a vast array of repairs on ponds etc. From pvc liners rubber liners, concrete and fibreglass. Whatever the repair required regarding aquatics we have the manpower and capability to get them fixed, even filtration systems and pumps.


We are able to help, as we can carry out a regular maintenance contract, or end of season shutdown and deep clean ready for the coming season, so you can sit back and enjoy our pond, lake aquarium or water feature. contact us for details and costs.