There are a vast array of filtration systems on the market, we have 3 different types of filtration systems below to help you decide which one best suits you. All do require maintenance.

Eco (plant) Filtration

There are many different plant filtration systems around, this is a simple type of filtration for ponds of all sizes. Whist it is very Eco, they can require large surface areas to work efficiently.

Mechanical Filtration

There are many different filtrations systems on the market from trickle to pressurised all have there uses depending on the space you have available.

Pond Aeration

Aeration in a pond, do you need it, if you have fish in it then the answer is YES you do need it especially if there are a lot of pond plants in the pond, the highest oxygen loss in a pond is at night and this is taken by the plants. So having aeration during the night is crutual for the wellbeing of your fish.

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Many different plants can be used for this system, the size of a plant filtration system depends on a number of things, the size of your pond, the amount of fish, If you have a large pond or lots of fish, then you will need a large plant filtration system and not everyone has the space to build one. There is a solution if space is in short supply, we have created a tri-stack system unit to help out with space issues..... More details are available on request.
A trickle filter is a simple unit or units to filter your pond, but there is much to clean and some people don't want the mass and smell whilst doing this. Many people go for a pressurised filtration system, which there are many from squeezing sponges to turning handles. the best thing about a pressurised filter is that it can be part buried and so it is not as visible. All filter do require complete cleaning out once a year, best time is the end of the season..... More details are available on request.
By using plants for filtration do absorb nitrates and phosphates that would otherwise encourage and contribute to algae growth. Generally the more plants you have in a pond, the less algae-related maintenance required. By constructing a bog area or a wetland area to your pond will help the performance of your pond in many ways, but remember that plants grow and pond plants have all the food they require to multiply very fast, so keeping them pruned and tidy on a regular basis is best. once they take over then you have your work cut out in sorting them out..... More details are available on request.